Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We finally scheduled our kitchen wall repairs

As I have mentioned several times, I live in a modern house with some very high ceilings in some of the rooms.  Here are a few shots of my kitchen view just as you walk into the side door:

And a picture from the other side of the room looking towards the door (that you can't see because of the big monstrous black refrigerator!)

I snapped these pictures very quickly with my phone this morning so you can see the reality of my life with cluttered counter tops and the cat following my every footstep (lower image) because he wants to be fed NOW!

I like my kitchen, but sometimes I really hate having a gallery kitchen.  I love the high windows that let in beautiful morning sunlight, but I hate the lack of overhead lighting for the night time.  I hate the black refrigerator but love how much I can put into it.   Don't we all have some sort of love/hate relationship with our kitchen!

What you can't see in these photos is the popped sheet rock tape and the peeling paint in the corners at the ceiling around the room.   We discovered back in the fall that we have some wind and storm damage to our shingles which allowed water to get behind the paint and sheet rock in this room.  And of course some of the tape popping is from the house settling after 30 years or so.

I am so excited that our insurance company has agreed to pay for the repairs to these walls!!  Which is a double relief with money and the labor involved with repairing such high walls - 17' to be exact.

This will be the first time that my husband and I have had a contractor in this house to do the work.  I have been on dozens of job sites and disrupted the lives of others in a home, but never had to actually live through someone else's mess in my home.  It is going to be a learning experience for all of us for about a week.

We have scheduled the work finally for the second week in February.  We had originally planned the work for November but then we had our vacation already scheduled so we told them the first of the year, which then my husband's grandmother passed away during Christmas so it waited again. Hopefully this time we don't have to reschedule and I can finally get this room repainted.

Which as you can imagine repainting leads to finally refinishing the cabinets, to then finally putting in the back splash, then to finally new lighting.  I'm so excited to get started on something I have wanted done for seven years!!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Morning Coffee Break

Welcome to a new weekly post series!

Most Friday mornings I join several ladies from my church for coffee at a local coffee shop called Sipz.  We are LOUD!  When you get sometimes 10 or more women together with different conversations going on at the same time - yes we are loud.  But we have never had a complaint from the other patrons of the shop.  In fact I think we entertain quiet a few of the men with our laughs and girl talk.

My weekly get together is such a joy and makes me take a break from blogging, housework, and volunteering and just enjoy being with other friends.

To encourage a more slow routine once a week, this weekly series will be about taking a break from the normal and just enjoy some encouraging Pinterest updates, a inspiring quote, or review a good blog post from another blogger I found that week.

So let's get started.

This week I read a fabulous article about budgets and paying off debt from a link in Money Saving Mom's blog.   The original article is from another blogger named Shannon on Growing Slower.  The article can be found here.

I also saw this fabulous quote on the blog Blythe and just had to share it.

I hope you enjoy this series and come back each week with our own cup of coffee.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inspirational Mood Board

A couple of months ago I challenged myself to come up with a few inspirational boards based on a single piece of furniture as the inspiration or a piece of art.  My first post about this was before the holidays and you can view it here.

I did a second inspiration mood board at the same time based on another piece of artwork I found on an auction website called Invaluable.com and today I am featuring the second one on my blog.

This mood board is a more modern setting with clean lines and geometric shapes.  I like both mood boards but am actually considering using this one for the inspiration for a makeover we are planning for our front sitting room/office space.  I may just have to tweak it a little but I love the fresh feeling of this space.

For more art selections to inspire your own space, go to Invaluable for paintings and other inspiring pieces.


Monday, January 12, 2015

More updates to the Twelve List

Happy Monday everyone.

Last week I posted about my inspiration word for the year and some of my list for Twelve Things to complete for 2015.
I have decided to create a whole new page on my blog where I can add updates and mark things off my lists during the year.   That should be complete and up on the blog this week.

But for now I will update you on a few more of the things I'm doing this year on a list of TWELVE.

List #3 mentioned twelve books I plan to read.  Well I haven't really picked all twelve yet but here is just a few I have added to my list for the next couple of months/weeks.


I have already started re-reading Dave Ramsey's book as a jump start and a mental refresh for 2015. My husband and I took a Financial Peace class through our church about four years ago but at the time my husband was still in Physician Assistant school and it was kind of hard to fully commit to the program when we had no idea what the future would hold in the next year.  However, that does not mean that we did not put some of the core practices of the program in place in our lives, like making a month budget, no longer using credit cards, and the emergency fund.  We have been practicing those principles for years now.

And slowly paying off our debts ever since then.  But this year I really want to kick things up a notch and really see some MAJOR steps toward being debt free except for our home and my husband's student loans.

You will find a list on my Twelve Page where I will keep an update on the twelve bills we have paid off (and I'm hoping for even more than twelve on this list!)

So I am reading this book for January to remind myself why I need to do these steps all year.

I am also reading the devotional book, Jesus Calling everyday so it will be a year long process for that book.

Are you reading any books this year to inspire, motivate, and change your life this year?