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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tablecloth or runner?

In my breakfast nook area I am currently using a resin folding table from Sam's Club.  You know the type well, rough plastic and white.  I like this table to work on projects (and it used to be my temporary desk) but I don't really like the look for our breakfast nook.

My husband and I have been looking for a nice retro booth setup or tables, but have yet to either find one that will fit in the space, will fit our budget, or one that we both can agree on.

I personally would love to buy a  Eero Saarinen Tulip Table and Chairs (think Brady Bunch show) but they are still a little pricey for my current budget.

Google image search.  www.italydesign.com

So until we find that perfect retro breakfast table - I will be using the folding table and my bright orange folding chairs.  Today, however, I tried a few options to hide the white table underneath to make it look a little nicer in the breakfast area.

The first thing I tried was making a table cloth out of the last of the striped fabric I used to recover the stool in the living room and the pillows.  I like the brightness of it but I think it looks like I'm getting ready for a kid's birthday party.

The second option was a wide runner I made from a single memo sample from my fabric stash. The fabric is from Schumacher fabrics and I love the modern floral paisley design and the colors in it.

Both of these were so easy to make.  I just used fusible fabric webbing to fold over the edges of the fabric.  No sewing and no mess.

Not sure which one I will use on a regular basis but at least I have options depending on my mood at the time.  The good thing about both of these options is that I can also use them in the dining room adjacent to our living room.  The colors work well in both spaces.

One fabric sample was free, and the striped fabric was the last of 5+ yards I purchased on clearance a few years ago for around $4.00 a yard.  Can't beat those prices for a temporary accessory until I find my new table.  And since the pieces are so big I can reuse them elsewhere when they are done covering up the plastic table.

Until tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My second attempt at no sew pillows

Today I tried another tutorial from my Pinterest board on pillows.  And can I just say this is the easiest no sew pillow EVER!

I had fun with this one.

Basically I took two cuts of fabric around four inches longer on each side than the pillow form.  I then put the pillow on top of the cuts and removed the corners (and the lead edge of the fabric I hadn't removed yet and showing in this picture - oops).

Then I cut small strips of fabric in each section and tied them together in knots around the pillows as shown below.

This was such a fun pillow to make I actually made three of them.  And within minutes of putting them on the sofa, they got nabbed.   I guess this shows I have the puppy seal of approval on the new pillow covers.

He is only a little bit spoiled.  

I have also been looking through other posts on my Pinterest board and realized I had pinned another method of making an envelope pillow that seems easier than the first one I tried.  I may just have to finish up my pillows for the living room tomorrow after all.


Monday, October 27, 2014

My first attempt at no sew pillows

Yesterday I posted about how I was on the search for easy no sew pillow projects.  Below is again the link to my Pinterest Board where I was keeping the pins of ideas for new pillow covers.


Today I decided to try the tutorial on a envelope styled, folded fabric no sew option using a striped fabric I had purchased years ago at a fabric outlet in Knoxville.  I think I have nearly 6 yards of fabric and had originally intended to use the fabric as curtains for my daughter's bedroom - which of course got put on hold, then forgotten, and then completely lost in the busyness of life and work and kid events.

I really like this stripped fabric because it has a colored stripe for most of the colors I have used on the upper level of my house.  The bright oranges, teal blues, light greens, mustard yellow, and even a small red stripe.

I have used this fabric before on a small footstool in my living room.

So of course I would use it again on pillows in the same room.

I found that the envelope/folded pillow was not hard to make, but the fusible webbing didn't attached well once the fabric was folded over twice or more.  I ended up using some fabric glue to hold some of the edges together.  

Here is how it turned out:

I kind of got the sides a little too small so the pillow looks very stuffed and fat.  Hopefully the seams will hold.  And of course I thought I had the stripes lined up on both sides until I turned it right side out and realized I was just slightly off.  Oh well, I will try again on the next set of pillows to get the stripes lined up.

Over all I like the pillow and will try this style of no sew pillow cover again.  But tomorrow I plan to try another option from my pins on Pinterest.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking for some no sew projects and pillows

This weekend I tried my very first attempts at no sew pillows and fabric accessories.  And of course I went to Pinterest for inspiration.

Here are just a few of the ideas I was able to find and love:


Hopefully tomorrow I should be able to reveal all new pillows for my living room.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday.