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Monday, September 29, 2014

31 Days of creative DIY Home Accessories for under $20

This series and link will go live on October 1st.  Hope to see you then.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A new office chair and the truth about my office space

Here is a picture of my converted office closet space complete with a orange metal folding chair and pillow I use as my office chair.

Sad isn't it...

This past weekend though I decided to FINALLY update a thrift store modern chair I purchased a couple of months ago.  I love that it is mid-century modern style with clean lines and a smooth finish.  Of course, my dog Hercules had to get to it before I did and chewed one of the legs and the corner of the cushion (that dog!!)

So it really needed a makeover anyway.  This project cost me exactly $2 for the batting only.  The fabric I used for the seat cushion was from a memo sample remnant from my old working days in a design studio.  I just can't throw out good samples of fabric swatches!

I have wanted to try to dipped leg paint technique for some time and figured this simple modern chair was perfect for that look.  First I removed the cushion and flipped the chair upside down.  Then I measured each chair leg down from the bottom 6" and wrapped the line measurement with painter's tape.  After lighting sanding down the bottom portion of the legs it took no time to add three coats of white paint to the legs.

For the damaged part from the dog to the front leg, I just sanded it smooth and then applied Old English dark scratch cover and stain all over the chair to revive the finish and to hide the damage.  The chair still has some scratches and old paint scuffs showing through the new stain, but I think it adds character to the vintage piece and I'm going to leave it that way.

I just attached the recovered seat and this chair is ready for it's new home in my office closet space.

And yes the truth about my office is that it is usually cluttered with lots of sticky notes on the walls, cords laying everywhere and piles of paperwork.  The great thing about having an office space in a closet - I can just close the door and not look at it until I'm ready to work again.


Monday, September 8, 2014

What my house is missing...

Art. Decor. Accessories.   That is what my house is missing!

If you are new to my blog you will quickly learn that I am a military wife who has moved and lived in 9 different houses.  So, honestly I don't always think of accessories first when I am putting together a space.  In design school we focused so much on space planning, ADA guidelines, proper techniques for hand drafting or AutoCAD design, that we really didn't learn about accessorizing a space.  And in fact that is totally a personal expression for the people who live in the home in my opinion.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day to everyone

For the last couple of weeks I have been a busy bee with my volunteer work and "rethinking" some of the design layouts of the blog.  I will be back very soon with some new updates on the deck
 re-staining/rebuilding efforts and some new projects.

Until then I hope everyone enjoys the last weekend of the summer.