Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Once again...Where has May gone?

I remember two years ago writing about where had the month of May gone for me.  It was 2013 and my son was graduating from high school.  I was busy that month working on preparations for the band banquet and the Baccalaureate ceremony for his class.   Then I had to travel round trip over 28 hours to pick up my mom in NC for his graduation and take her back home.  May just quickly disappeared for me that year.

Fast forward to now, two years later and I'm having another case of deja vu!  My daughter is graduating from high school next week and my life is repeating itself.  Of course some things are a little different in that I'm not working on the band banquet or the Baccalaureate ceremony this time, thank goodness.  But I will be traveling next week to pick up my mom again and take her back to NC.
Also, I am working hard on finishing up all the treasurer duties for the high school band boosters including lots of budget spreadsheets and meetings.  Whew, the new treasurer has no idea what she is getting herself in to with the amount of hours I have put in each week for this position.  I hand over the reigns on June 1st.

So what should I do with my 20+ plus hours of free time I will gain each week from not volunteering as the Band Booster Treasurer anymore?  Have ankle surgery of course!  Yes it is official, I am having a second ankle and foot surgery on my right foot on June 5th.  What will follow is six weeks of bed rest with no walking or full weight bearing and then six weeks of learning to walk again.  12 weeks total in a boot and knee scooter.  Yikes.

I am mentally preparing myself to handle my recovery time a lot better the second time around.  I still plan to keep blogging but the tone of my posts may just take a different approach and outlook while I'm off my feet.  I may just be able to realize more of the Year of Twelve Things goals like finishing reading some books and learn some new craft skills.  Come back often this summer to see what I am actually doing.

And on a different note, I read this article this morning and it really brings to light all of the blessings we should be thankful for in life.  A small ankle surgery is nothing compared to the hardships others overcome.   Enjoy.

This is such a wonderful story about overcoming cancer and welcoming a new baby.  Read it here.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Encounters with our furry neighbors

On Sunday afternoon we realized we had a litter of baby Opossums in our house!

How did we find this out you wonder?  Because in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, while my husband was playing video games and I was snoozing in the club chair, one little guy decided to walk through our foyer and just stare at us.

Our first reaction was to get the dogs outside asap so there wasn't a blood fest as they all dived for the little thing like it was a new squeaky toy.  It was only about 6 inches long and very much a baby version of the ugly little animals we call Possums in the South.

By the time I got the dogs in to the screen porch room and my husband had found gloves and a bucket, the possum was gone!  I know - one of us should have followed it but at the time you don't always think very clearly.

After a few hours of searching under every bed and through all the upstairs and downstairs closets, we couldn't find him anywhere.  Not a good feeling.  But as Southern girl at heart, I can deal with a small baby possum in my house any day over a snake or large spider!

Around 6:00 yesterday morning I heard it trying to get out of my husband's closet.  This is how we found him...

This time we were able to catch it and give it a temporary home in a large plastic container until we find it's brothers and sisters.  How do we know there are more of them?  Because our son told us yesterday morning that he can hear more of them crawling around in the dropped ceiling in the basement!

Last time we had this problem it was a small squirrel and it didn't make it once it ventured upstairs where the dogs were waiting for him.

We are not sure HOW they are getting into the house but our basement has a utility room that connects to our crawl space.  We can only assume that they are finding their way in through there.

Today my husband has found someone he works with at the hospital who wants to raise the little guy (not sure why though).  So for now we are feeding him a diet of Key Lime flavored yogurt and cat food (at least that is what the adult Opossums eat around our house) until we either find his siblings or give him away or both.  The little guy is just too young to put outside on his own yet. (And no we don't know if it is a boy or girl and don't want to find out.) And we haven't seen the mother yet either.

The really funny story to all this is that my son's college roommate is staying with us for the week before his wedding this coming weekend.  Gabe is from up north and has never seen a opossum before.  He got up around 4:00 Sunday morning and saw this little guy and thought we just had some strange pets around here.  When my son told him Sunday night that we had a baby opossum in the house, he said he didn't know what that was but showed my son a picture of what he saw in the basement and asked what kind of pets did we have down there?  Too funny.  Just some of the adventures you have while living on a wooded lot in Eastern Tennessee.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just restyle a bookshelf to make yourself feel better

The bookshelf in my breakfast nook that also serves as an entry drop zone from the back door is always a cluttered mess!

It seems no matter how I style it, clutter just seems to find its way on that shelf.  And maybe I just need to realize that is the way it will be.  But today, I needed to finish something creative and decided that this bookshelf needed attention.

So I cleaned it all off, dusted the shelves, and restyled with new items or just moved things around a little.

So much better - for now!  And I have to say that I love the pop of color the blue Mason jars bring to any space.

Next week it may be cluttered again but that is the reality of living in a house.  Face it, no one really lives in houses that look like the cover of magazines.  We live with dust bunnies, dog fur covering everything, and everyday clutter.  The secret is just learning to love the house you have and sometimes just deciding to restyle one small part to make yourself feel better.

One thing I do want to mention is that I love my new addition of the Thirty One Double Duty Caddy in Navy Playful Parade.  I had originally purchased this caddy as either a way to organize some of my craft supplies or to use as a stepping stone in a future pantry organization project.  But then I saw it used on Pinterest as a charging station organizer and that was it!  I had found a solution to a problem in our house that drove me crazy.

This bookshelf is also the place where we have the power strip to plug in all of our electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets to recharge during the night.  It was an eyesore!  Cords everywhere, the ugly power strip on full display and no where to actually place the devices except on top of each other.  But it was a better solution to me than having these items on the kitchen counters where they could get damaged from water or even split milk in the mornings.

With all of it's side pockets and wide inner compartments, the Double Duty Caddy was the perfect size for hiding the power strip behind the caddy, and keeping the cords all tucked inside the inner pockets.  A great solution for a necessary charging station.

Lesson learned for today.   Just find a cluttered shelf in your house and start moving things around.  It will make you feel better and give you a small sense of accomplishment. And next week I may move things around again on this shelf and create a new fresh look for another day.  


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sometimes you just don't have time for crafting and DIY

This is just one of those times.

These last couple of weeks of High School and activities for my daughter are packed with lots of events and milestones.  Those tearful and often memorable - one last time things and some new things.

We have visited college campuses, sat on bleachers and watched her last local performance as the Captain for the WinterGuard team, stared at a computer monitor as she performed her VERY LAST performance in Dayton, OH, attended some of the last parent meetings for school and it seems the list is never ending before graduation.

Prom is this weekend and that is a whole other adventure with a teenage girl!

I have also been wrapping things up for my last few weeks as treasurer for the Band Boosters, and attending lots of meetings to pass the baton on to another.  (Giving up this position gives me 20+ hours of free time a week - whatever shall I do with all that time?)

Overall it is going to continue to be a jam packed few weeks until she graduates.  This will include a trip for me to NC to pick up family to attend her graduation ceremony.  I'm hoping to make a few stops along the way to enjoy the Hickory Furniture Market and other antique stores in that area.

I will have more projects to showcase soon though as I try to take care as many things as possible before I have ankle surgery.  A few of them I'm really excited about and can't wait to get started.

Until next time,