Thursday, March 26, 2015

When to make a decision not to paint a piece of furniture

Back in December, just a few days before Christmas, my husband's 95 year old grandmother passed away.  She left behind not only a long legacy of faith and love, but a house full of memories and furniture as well.

Since none of the children or grandchildren live near her home in West Virginia, the house that she has lived in since the 1940's has recently been sold and the many items of antique furniture either divided up or sold.

Before we left West Virginia after her funeral, my husband loaded up one of those antiques, an old Cavalier Cedar Chest that his grandfather had purchased for his grandmother after he returned home from World War II.  For some reason they even kept the banner inside showing where it was purchased.  I don't plan to remove it either.  It is part of it's history.

This cedar chest had been pushed to a corner of the basement, has gotten water damaged over the years, and probably had 20 years of dust on top of it.  But my husband wanted it for the connection to his grandfather who was a War Veteran like himself, so we brought it home.

For the last couple of months we have had to leave it in our sun room because it reeked of moth balls.  It could take your breath away.  I finally cleaned out what appeared to be a old blanket and towel out of it and that has helped to get rid of the odor.

As you can see though, the finish on this chest has seen better days. Now I'm a big fan of painted furniture, but not all the time.  I can't imagine covering up the unique finish and details of such a cherished piece.

Instead I gave the exterior a good cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap and allowed that to dry.  I then used Murphy's Scratch Guard oil in a dark finish to refresh the wood and to cover up some of the damage to the lower area.  Just after one coat the piece looks so much better and you can appreciate the wood grains and textures of the chest.

Obviously this chest was in need of some TLC so after the oil treatment soaks in for a few weeks I may - or may not - reapply a gel stain.  I'm thinking not.  The history of this chest needs to be shown and appreciated, so it will be displayed in my home, scratches and all, for a long time.

 This is one of those times, that painting a piece of furniture just isn't a good decision.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Blue and Green inspired patio

I have been pulling together more creative ideas for mood boards and inspirations.  Today I created a simple, modern feel, blue and green inspired patio look.

The combination of light blues and greens just invites you to relax and enjoy a cool spring evening.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Five Classic Mid-Century Modern Chairs I would love to own

I love chairs, especially modern chairs.  I even have a framed poster of the Vitra Design Museum Collection of more than a hundred years of chair designs on my living room wall.

Via Pinterest Search

I have copied an image here from Pinterest since mine is behind glass and doesn't take a good quality photo.

My kid's friends think that is a little strange when they first see it but my kids just say "our mom is an Interior Designer and loves chairs!"

So today I decided to feature five of my favorite mid-century modern chairs that I would love to own some day, or even more budget friendly versions of these chairs.

Jens Chair designed by Jen Risom
 Design Within Reach
Wishbone Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hanson and Son
 Design Within Reach

Egg Chair and Yoke Ottoman designed by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hanson
 Design Within Reach

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman
by Ray and Charles Eames for Herman Miller
 Design Within Reach

Womb Chair designed by Eero Saarinan for Knoll
 Design Within Reach


Monday, March 16, 2015

A lesson learned from a new dishwasher

I finally bought a new dishwasher!

I know that may not be exciting for some people, but when you haven't had one in your house for over a year, you would get really excited about finally getting a new one too!

I probably need to explain this post a little more though and how it taught me a lesson.