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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The week ahead

Happy Sunday everyone and I hope you are having a relaxing sunny day.

Today I am preparing for my projects for the upcoming week's posts which should include a new painted canvas art project for the dining room, up cycled cookie treat tins from previous Christmas presents, painted books and a few more fun things along the way.

So be sure to come back tomorrow for the beginning of another fun week of budget accessories under $20 or less (free is always good).

Enjoy your day.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just a lampshade and some ribbon

And a glue gun.  That is all I used in today's quick project to jazz up the look of a plain lampshade.  I needed a simple and quick project today because my husband has been on what seems like continuous on call schedules at the hospital for the last two weeks (including tomorrow) so I really just wanted to spend the day with him and relax.  And with spending just a few minutes to update the lampshade I could do just that.

I hope everyone had a great Saturday.  Talk to you more tomorrow.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Fabric covered magnets - a really fun project

It has been raining here in East TN for over a week, which has wrecked a little havoc on some of my planned spray painting projects.  And considering we are at day 17 of this 31 day writing adventure, I'm sure I am not the only one who is struggling or running out a steam just a little.

Since my larger projects are running a little behind, I needed to find a fun, but quick and easy project to complete today in just a few hours.  I started walking around the house looking for ideas and inspiration when my eye went to my large black refrigerator (yes I am hoping it will die so I can upgrade to a smaller stainless steel one).  My large black refrigerator is a constant source of visual clutter to me.  I keep taking the little notes and extra mismatched magnets down and more just seem to reappear from somewhere.  That is where I got my inspiration for today, to finally make some matching magnets and to visually clean up the clutter off of the refrigerator.


I started by rummaging through my fabric memo samples again and came across two wonderful books by Kravet in matching patterns but different colorways.  Another good thing about these samples is that they have a paper backing with the pattern details so I can cut out the fabric shapes from these sections to make the fabric more sturdy to attach to the tile pieces.  I am once again returning to the mini glass tile pieces I bought in bulk to make the actual magnets covered in fabric.

To make the magnets, it was just a simple task of tracing the shape & size of the tile pieces on the paper backing of the fabric, cut it out, and attaching it to the flat side of the tile with Modge Podge.  After the glue dried I used a hot glue gun to attach the magnetic strips to the grooved back side of the tile.  Just so easy.   And this project was fun to do while I watched TV and stayed off my sore ankle for a while today.

I think these are kind of cute and definitely one of a kind.  I probably won't be able to keep other people in my house from adding more notes to the refrigerator but at least I can smile now at the visual clutter and the cute little magnets holding it in place.

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Decorating with foam balls

I have this beautiful piece of blue pottery from a local pottery shop that I just love, but have never figured out what to use it for.  I also have a red plate from the same shop that sits on my coffee table that I use to hold all of the TV and game system remotes (plus it helps to hide the burnt spot in the finish that I caused by leaving a jar candle burning too long directly on top of the table).  So for several years now I have either had the blue bowl in the closet just waiting for some sort of inspiring idea to come to me, or it has been moved from room to room trying to figure out the best way to use it, but mostly it has been in the closet.

I finally figured out that I wanted to put some decorative balls in the bowl that would compliment the decor of my living room and would also add some visual texture to the space.  However, I either didn't like the selections I found in the store, or mostly I didn't want to spend the money on something that may be just another temporary solution for the use of this bowl.  So instead I purchased four - 4" foam balls and figured out four different ways to decorate them using inexpensive items.

The first foam ball is covered in black eye peas - now that was a tedious task and I burnt my fingers several times with the hot glue.  Ouch.

The second is wrapped in strips of the same fabric I used on the burlap "P" art piece from earlier this week.

The third is covered in white burlap and textured ribbon - the same ribbon and burlap I used for yesterday's candle votive  project.

And the fourth one is covered in a wonderfully soft yarn I purchased at Walmart for only $2.88.  I attached it to the foam ball in a circular pattern using hot glue.

I like all four of the different textures they add to the corner vignette and how they bring in the other colors of the whole room.  I think it will stay for a while and will stay up high off the floor as well.  My large dog has already been eyeing them as potential toys.  

As a side note and speaking of my large overgrown puppy, last night he greeted my husband at the door with a tube of yellow acrylic paint in his mouth that he had already chewed off the end.  Yet another section of my carpet in the front room has been ruined.  Earlier last year he got hold of a bottle of gear oil (why it was left where he could get it just don't ask) but we also have a 12" diameter black circle permanently on the carpet.  The tube of paint was on the kitchen table from one of my projects and I guess it looked like fun to him.  All this to say we will be moving up our plans for hard wood flooring in our house sooner than expected and I will be putting my craft supplies well out of his reach from now on.  Come back often to check out how that project is going after the 31 day challenge.