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Monday, November 24, 2014

Sometimes it is about making new memories

Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!

This year my family and I are doing things a little different.  Instead of traveling to family homes in NC or even local family homes to enjoy the holiday, we are taking a much needed vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando!

Don't get me wrong, we are not avoiding our extended family, and we will miss the conversations and fellowship.  But sometimes you need to listen to your own immediate family and take a break from your busy lives and do something a little different.

We have discussed it and realized that we haven't had a vacation together in at least four years.  All of us have traveled - for events and work - but we haven't planned and taken a family vacation with just the four of us in so long.

And sometimes you just have to break tradition and make some new memories.

You see, two years ago at Thanksgiving we were all in a hospital back home in NC surrounded by family and watching the medial monitors on my father's life support system.  My father had been diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic form of Cirrhosis of the Liver just earlier that year and his ammonia levels got so high he was in a coma for nearly a week.   I stood by his bed with my sisters and mom and discussed our options and his wishes that week.

We also received a miracle that week that against all odds he woke up on Thanksgiving morning and we were able to rejoice together as a family.  The Lord gave us three more months with him and even though he never walked again or left a hospital bed, we could talk with him, laugh with him, and say so many things that needed to be said before he went home to be with the Lord in January.  I will always appreciate and treasure those weeks we had with him.

I can honestly say I am personally having a harder time this second Thanksgiving without him than I did last year.  However, he would be the first person to encourage me to take this vacation and enjoy time with my kids and husband before our lives change again when our daughter graduates and lives for college next year.  We are aware that this may be one of the last vacations we take with just the four of us.

I hope everyone makes some new memories this holiday season.  I will send lots of updates from Florida over the next week or so.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to just get started

I know I can't be the only one who does this.  I plan a new project and must immediately go out and buy the supplies I need for the project...and then it just sits there....waiting...and waiting for me to get around to STARTING the project.

That is one of my biggest problems with a new project - getting started!  I get really excited about the project and really really want to do the project, but I allow other things to get in the way of starting the project.

I want to give the project my full attention so I tell myself that I will start as soon as the dishes are clean, or after I finish just one more task for my band treasurer duties, and then I can concentrate just on my project.  Or I tell myself that I will clean and do all my tasks on such and such day so the next day is free to work only on my project, but as you can imagine something else takes the place of those tasks.

So I fail to get started, and the project flounders and I either lose time or interest to get the project completed before another big life event or scheduled busy weekends take it's place.

Trying to change this mind set isn't easy.  I so admire my aunt who just gets things done!  She doesn't let other small everyday tasks distract her from working on something she really wants to get done  - and it gets done!  And her everyday tasks gets done too somehow.  She needs to tell me her secrets!

If only I would just start the project I would have more of a chance of actually finishing the project.

Maybe I just figured out what one of my resolutions should be for the new year - to just get started on something right away!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thinking about....Christmas Cards

A few years ago I used to make all of my Christmas cards by hand with fancy scrap booking tools and gadgets.  Then I got really busy at work and just made photo Christmas cards instead for a year or two.  And then my father got sick and I missed a year.  Honestly, I haven't sent out Christmas cards in two years now that I think about it.

This year however, I really want to bring this tradition back to my house.  I need help deciding what to do though.  Do I go online and make some funny and new photo cards or make my own - or both?  I'm thinking that family should get the photo ones and church family and friends can get the hand made ones.  (Never mind the fact that making all of them may just be too much to take on with other Christmas projects planned).

I have been "collecting" hand made card ideas on Pinterest and so far these are some of my favorites:

All images from Pinterest boards.  Thanks for sharing them with us.

You can see all my ideas on my Pinterest board at:  http://www.pinterest.com/donnarpowell/christmas-ideas/


Monday, November 17, 2014

A weekend with my sisters and a few things that make me smile

This weekend I took a few days to drive home to eastern NC to visit with my mom and sisters for a few days.  It was a short and busy trip, but one I really needed to take.

In just a few short hours we ate lots of food, laughed a lot, made pillows for my niece's new home, laughed some more, ate even more food, and somehow found time to do some early Christmas shopping at Carolina Pottery and outlet mall.

I should really make the time to go to Carolina Pottery and other craft outlets more.  They just have such wonderful things that make you smile when you see them.

What women doesn't love to see hundreds of colorful pillows.

I immediately thought of a Whoville Christmas when I saw these very bright and colorful wreaths.  What fun they would be!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well.